Hey guys! this is the offical blog website for Aaron Fresh. In this blog you will find - fresh experiences , pictures, videos, songs, quotes, facts, and much more :) I'll have all the latest updates for all of #teamfresh on our lover boy aaron fresh<3! So if you like what you see follow me on tumblr & twitter :D @FYAaronFresh blog counter
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Sorry i havent been on here in a while, i forgot the pass word.

As soon as Aaron takes some new pics & releases new music i’ll update for now i’ll upload the pictures he’s been taking over the last couple of months.

rulesthenoize asked
oke deal ;-P plz follow:$


rulesthenoize asked
yes? ;D

Ill check out your blog. If i like it ill follow you. Deal ?

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Team fresh?:P anyway can you follow me:$?

Hmmm SHOULD i follow you ?

rulesthenoize asked
can you follow me aaron?? ;D

Im not Aaron…..